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222 MHz ping729 viewsScreenshot of the first meteor scatter ping I ever copied on 222 MHz. This was part of an eventually completed QSO with K7MAC in Idaho (Grid DN13).
Alex774 viewsMy friend Alex came by on a fall Sunday morning and helped get the new 222 LFA on the long mast. The Hazer makes this a fairly simple operation, although a tower climb to the 15 foot level is required. Antennas from top to bottom: 144 MHz, 222 MHz, 50 MHz. Metal box holds a GaAs FET preamp for 144 MHz and two coaxial relays.
VHF antenna stack695 viewsAfter 13 years and VUCC on 144 MHz, I no longer run stacked 2M9SSB yagis for that band. The lower beam has been replaced with a 12-element LFA for 222 MHz at about 44 feet. The box just above it houses the 2m preamp. On to new challenges!
New aluminium, November 20164468 viewsAdded 432-6WL at 49 feet. Tower-mounted 2M preamp removed.
New aluminium, November 2016605 viewsGround view
VHF/UHF antenna stack at WB2FKO3466 viewsTop to bottom: 2M9SSB for 2m, 6WL-432 for 70cm, 11-el LFA for 1.25m, and 6M5X for 6m.
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