The New Mexico VHF Society promotes VHF, UHF, and microwave activity in the State. We serve to organize the amateur radio community interested in VHF+ in and around the State of New Mexico and help define the people and resources associated with the 50 MHz and higher portion of the spectrum.

There is no particular emphasis on contests, operating modes, or any specific on-air activity. Everyone is welcome including moon-bouncers, microwavers, FM handi-talkie users, homebrewers, grid chasers, contesters, and DXers. We share a common interest in the amateur bands from 50 MHz through light.

The NMvhf.org website was originated in January 2016 by KG5FHU, WB2FKO, W7QQ, and KK6MC. The New Mexico VHF Society was formally organized in November 2016 through the efforts of N7KA and W7QQ. We'll do what we can to connect anyone and everyone who is interested and active on the VHF+ amateur radio bands.


  • Encourage weak signal VHF+ activity in New Mexico and the desert southwest
  • Provide information and assistance for newcomers to this challenging facet of amateur radio
  • Provide a regional voice for VHF+ enthusiasts in New Mexico and surrounding areas
  • Provide for the exchange of technical information via reflector forum, website information, and a periodic online newsletter
  • Support the annual New Mexico Tech Fest
  • Sponsor New Mexico operating events and social gatherings
  • Sponsor an awards program recognizing VHF+ accomplishments of New Mexico operators

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Member List

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Interested in joining the New Mexico VHF Society?

We'd love to have you! Send a direct email to the acting secretary Arne N7KA at the address: n7ka--at--arrl.net. Provide your name, callsign, email address, and phone number. Contact information will never appear on this website. ARRL membership is not required, but we would like to know (yes or no). Optional additional info is your six-digit grid locator, your VHF+ station capabilities, and your amateur radio activities. There are no dues and you do not need to reside in the State of New Mexico.